About us

Professional Training
  • Bachelor and Master in Applied Psychology with consolidation in clinical psychology.
    - Psychologist SBAP.

  • 4 years of training course and qualification in systemic therapy and counselling at the Institute for Systemic Therapy & Counselling (IEF) in Zürich.
    - Fed. recognised Psychotherapist
    - license for delegated Psychotherapy
    - license for independent Psychotherapy Ktn. Zurich

  • 2015 to 2019: part-time employment as clinical psychologist in the fields of gender dysphoria, consilliary psychiatry and psychooncology at the Universitäts Spital Zürich.

  • 2016 until 2020: work in delegation with MD W. Rebetez.

  • 2020 until now: work in delegation with MD P. Englisch.

  • Since 3rd August 2021 Ruby is in our team (pic. right).

  • Further training in Schema-Therapy ISTOS (basics).

  • Further training as a trauma therapist at IKP (ongoing)

I work within the whole spectrum of psychological symptoms and questions but have specialized in the accompaniment and/or coaching of trans people.

I offer therapy sessions in English for non-german speaking people.

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Research / Publications