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Systemic Therapy and Counselling

"Systemic Psychotherapy is an independent method availing of a variety of methods and application fields. Originally developed in family therapy, systemic psychotherapy is now used with individuals, couples, families and groups. Systemic Psychotherapy observes the individuals in their social networks and views symptoms as inadequate attempts to find solutions in established relationships. The goal of interventions is to identify patterns, activate resources and expand perspectives and options of behaviour in a solution oriented mindset. Which system is seen as relevant, depends on the symptoms and the  people involved."

IEF,  Institut für systemische Entwicklung und Fortbildung

I accompany adults (from 18yrs on) in/with:

  • the search and realization of their gender identity

  • the co-transition of their child or partner

  • questions concerning LGBT + related topics

  • questions about relationship problems (couples or single therapy)

  • affective problems, depression in difficult situations

  • the exploration and change of unhelpful or disabling patterns over the life span

  • the search for existing resources and possible coping strategies

  • dealing with and/or processing an acute or chronic somatic illness (oncological diagnosis, Parkinson, etc.)

  • coming to terms with the loss or serious illness of a family member or beloved person

Transition Coaching

I have specialised in the psychological counselling and psychotherapeutic accompaniment in questions concerning gender and sexual identity and sexual orientation (LGBT+ related topics) and on the counselling and accompaniment of relatives and partners in questions concerning the transition of a beloved person.

Supervision/Inputs concerning Gender

German, English and French

For practicing psychotherapists and institutions from the health or social sector, I offer supervision and inputs in the field of gender, gender dysphoria.

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