Payment possibilities

Basic insurance "Grundversicherung"
As I work in delegation, therapeutic counselling and coaching and also diagnostic assessments are covered by your health insurance in the basic model (naturally minus your annual deductible 'Franchise' and the 10% patients’ contribution to the cost of treatment). 

If you are insured in the GP model (Hausarztmodell), you require a referral from the GP. If in Telmed/Telcare, Callfirst or a similar model, you must first apply to your health insurance declaring your wish for therapy.

Contact me if you have any questions. Normally, treatment is paid by your insurance, also when you live outside the Canton of Zürich. A private complimentary insurance (e.g. Halbprivat) is not required.

Complimentary insurance "Zusatzversicherung"
Most insurances participate in the cost of psychological psychotherapy through complimentary insurance. As I am listed with Santé Suisse and have the necessary qualifications you may ask your health insurance company directly about their financial participation.

Disability insurance "IV"
If psychotherapy is necessary by order of the IV, there is the possibility of billing through your decree number.


Naturally, consultation costs can also be paid privately (rate 180.00 CHF/h).


Appointments should be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Understandably, appointments sometimes have to be cancelled or postponed but the following conditions are necessary in the interest of other clients and my own time :

  • Please inform me per e-mail, text-message, WhatsApp or telephone as early as possible if you cannot keep your appointment.

  • In the case of a cancellation less than 24 hours in advance I am obliged to charge you the normal hourly fee. These costs will not be reembursed by your health insurance.

  • At weekends, on bank holidays or Mondays (when the practice is closed) a cancellation is always possible using the above-named communication channels.