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«Please do not send any requests for therapy. The waiting list is full. I will inform here in case of vacancy. Thank you.
In case of an emergency please contact the Emergency Doctors (Notarzt)   (Tel.0800 33 66 55) or the emergency service of your local community.»

Nicole Metzger



Nicole Metzger MSc ZFH

Fed. recognised psychotherapist
Psychologist SBAP.

General-Wille-Strasse 21, 8002 Zürich

GLN-No.: 7601007855902

ZSR-No.: F956031

Formular Anordnungsmodell (PDF)

Tuesdays to Fridays (all day).

Per e-mail (form) or text-message/WhatsApp on the above-named days, normally between 09.00 am and 06.00 pm. The message phone can also be used, but an immediate response on my part is not always possible.

I do not offer emergency services.
If you cannot reach me, please contact the Emergency Doctors (Ärztefon Tel. 0800 33 66 55
) or the emergency service of your local community. In the case of acute problems outside opening hours contact :

  • Crisis Intervention Centre Zürich (Tel. +41 44 296 73 10)

  • Crisis Intervention Centre Winterthur (Tel. +41 52 224 37 00)

  • Emergency Psychiatric Department, University Hospital, Zürich (Tel. +41 44 255 11 11)

Always call the Emergency Service 144 if there is any immediate danger to your life.


How to find me :

Tramlines 5, 7, 10 and 13; busses nos. 200/210, 444, 445 and trainlines S2, S8, S24 to Enge Train Station.

Please use public transport as the practice does not have parking facilities.

Success! Message received.


General-Wille-Strasse 21

CH-8002 Zürich

Telephone, WhatsApp, SMS

+41 (0)78 642 12 07


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